Tips for Live Music Events

18 Tips for Live Music Events v1.6

  1. Have a sound expert for the event.
  2. Know the sound gear and the venue.
  3. Sound tests required for all equipment.
  4. Find the best EQ and volume for the room.
  5. Designate a reliable door person.
  6. Have a schedule. Stay on schedule.
  7. Setup, teardown time included.
  8. Instruments are tuned and ready.
  9. Cables and connectors checked.
  10. Fully charged batteries plus backups.
  11. Full show plan with rehearsal required.
  12. Financials are clear before the show.
  13. Costumes prepared and pre-approved.
  14. Bring a Just-in-case case, tools, etc.
  15. Establish good event communication.
  16. Be careful what you do and say on stage.
  17. Come early and stay until the end.
  18. Enjoy the audience and the other bands.