MOP Top Submit

Thank you for participating in the Music of Pittsburgh “MOP” Top 10 Artists and Top 40 Songs project. The first step after song submission is manual, because we must review the submissions for typos, duplicates, etc. The submitted song will not appear immediately and may be delayed. Acceptance into MOP Top is not guaranteed by submission. Once the songs have been reviewed, approved, and imported, they can be voted on. The 40 songs with the most votes will be listed as the Top 40 Songs, and the Top 10 Artists are the artists with the most votes from the submitted songs. Please be advised that the streaming link must be a link to the song on a streaming platform such as YouTube Music, Spotify, etc. Do not include a link to your MP3 download. Contact us with any questions, and thank your for sharing your talent with the Music of Pittsburgh.

Feel free to use the images below to promote your songs on MOP Top. Just tap on the thumbnail to open full-sized image.