Original Music Only

I’m sure you know that music has the power to bring us together and unite us with a common purpose. It seems like these days, new, original music is too often overshadowed by legacy and popular, commercialized music. Let’s change this. I am writing today to tell you about a movement I am proposing—the OMO movement.

OMO stands for Original Music Only. It is a movement dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of original music. The OMO movement will be a place where musicians and music lovers alike can come together to connect, collaborate, and share their passion for new, original music. We will create a platform where people can come together to share their own original music, as well as discover and appreciate the work of other musicians. We will also work to give more recognition to original music. We will do this by advocating for and supporting musicians and their work and by providing resources and opportunities for musicians to showcase their work. The OMO movement is a movement dedicated to helping foster a more creative culture. It is a movement that celebrates the unique and powerful voices of musicians and gives them the platform they need to be heard. If you believe in the power of original music, if you believe that it should be given its rightful place in the music world, then join us in the OMO movement, and together we can make a difference.

Thank you.