Answers to frequently asked questions.

Disclaimer: This FAQ is a only guideline and does not create, represent, fulfill, or override any other contract or agreement. We will strive to keep this document up-to-date and to operate consistently with the information below, but policies and operations are often flexible and subject to change. Nothing in this document should be considered contractual or final.

Contact us anytime with more questions.

Code of Conduct

  • Respect, safety, and obedience to law are essential and required at our events.
  • It’s always preferred to come as early as you can and stay as late as possible, because it’s good to scout the venue, socialize, perform important tests such as sound checks, and to support the other artists.
  • Refrain from physical contact unless you have good reason to believe another person has welcomed physical contact from you.
  • Do not show romantic attention with words, actions, or gestures unless you are confident that the person will welcome such attention.
  • Use your words and actions carefully and respectfully, and do not attack or disrespect others with your words or your actions.
  • Do not abuse, harass, intimidate, stalk, or threaten others.
  • Do not create an unnecessary disruption of a presentation or event.
  • Be obedient to law, respectful, and responsible at all times including when buzzed or intoxicated.
  • Drink responsibility. Never drive intoxicated.
  • Do not bring outside alcohol into the venue.
  • Our staff will be present and ready to address any issues. Call 911 for emergencies. Talk to our team for non-emergencies.
  • Lastly and most important:
    Have fun, and be cool.

All Events

  • Facebook is our preferred method of communication when preparing for events. As much as possible, all performers should have a Facebook account and regularly check the event chat for important information.
  • We recognize the importance of having a band manager, and we are happy to work with a band manager, but please understand it is important for us to also have a direct communication channel with the band, and we strongly encourage band members to join the event chats.
  • We will plan to use paper wristbands to confirm ticket purchase. We may also use a hand stamp.
  • Plan to come at least 1-week before the event to scout the venue.
  • Plan to arrive at least 2-hours before the show, and try to stay until the end to support all of the artists.
  • For ticketed events, we will all work together to promote the event to friends, family, and community, and to sell tickets for the event.

MOPCON musicofpittsburgh.com/mopcon

  • MOPCON is a music convention similar to a comic book convention or electronics convention.
  • All music lovers are invited to participate as able.
  • No fee for participants, but we will have a reasonably priced ticket for other attendees and a reasonably priced vendor fee.
  • Participants will all work together to promote the event to friends, family, and community, and to sell tickets for the event.

Ladies Got Talent – ladiesgottalent.com

  • One special lady will be chosen as “The Most Talented” of the night. The winner will receive the glory and honor, a prize, and a winner’s certificate.
  • The open stage spots will be granted first-come-first-serve, and the open stage participants can opt-in to the contest as well.
  • Participants will all work together to promote the event to friends, family, and community, and to sell tickets for the event.
  • The open stage participants do not share in the ticket sales.

MOP Got Talent

  • Talent competitions are celebrations of original material.
    No cover songs at these events.
  • The performance order is determined at the start of the event.
  • 10 songwriters will be invited to join each instance of MOP Got Talent.
  • 2 songwriters will perform every hour, so that means your set time is approximately 20-minutes, allowing 10-minutes changeover to the next artist.
  • The audience will help choose the winner at the end of the show, approximately midnight.
  • The audience will participate by cheering.
  • The songwriter must be present to win.
  • The prizes will include a winner’s award-certificate and a gift certificate. Additional prizes may be added based on availability.
  • Participants will all work together to promote the event to friends, family, and community, and to sell tickets for the event.

The SUTE Party – suteparty.com

  • Please be advised and remember that it’s important to stay until the end. SUTE stands for “Stay Until The End”. This event was designed to encourage music community togetherness, so we request and strongly encourage all performers to come early and stay until the end.
  • There will be prizes at the end of the event.
  • You must be present to win a prize. You want to encourage your supporters to stay until the end too, because the audience picks the best performance of the night.
  • You can play covers or originals at SUTE, and we are excited to hear your originals. Play whatever you feel is most appropriate for the party.
  • Participants will all work together to promote the event to friends, family, and community, and to sell tickets for the event.

Open Auditions

  • First come is first signed up.
  • Time allotted is determined by the number that sign up.
  • It is commonly 15-minutes.
  • All talents are welcome.
  • All genres and musical instruments are welcome.
  • Bands, duos, trios, and soloists are all welcome. If you bring a band, we suggest arriving early to help with setup.
  • Participation in an audition does not guarantee you will be asked to perform at a show or event.


  • We hold various skill-based contests at our events.
  • Many are pre-planned, but some are spontaneous, but in nearly every case, the audience has chosen the winner.
  • We plan to continue this method using audience judging via audience paper voting, audience cheering, or another form of audience judging.
  • Cheering volume is measured by a hand-held digital sound meter. We also have a large, red-digit display sound meter for an audience visual aid. The official meter that determines the winner is the hand-held meter.
  • For events such as Ladies Got Talent and The SUTE Party, contestants have normally been pre-selected by our judges at an audition or a field-screening.
  • Flexibility and exceptions may occur. Our events and contests often utilize the elements of excitement, spontaneity, and surprise.


  • Start by applying here.
  • Almost all of our events are indoors, and your vendor space will be indoors, but we suggest that you double-check with us before buying your ticket.
  • There is no extra charge for electricity at our events.
  • If the event includes an after-party, your vendor ticket includes the after-party too, so you can stay and vend during the after-party too.
  • It’s recommended to bring your own chair and table if you can, but the venue should have them available.
  • Plan to set up on a 3-foot by 6-foot table.
  • When you are ready to reserve your space, go to the event webpage to buy your vendor ticket.
  • Contact us anytime questions.