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Listen, Vote, Submit – Get addicted to new music. Enjoy the best music our beloved city of Pittsburgh has to offer. Vote for your favorites, and submit new songs. Vote every 24-hours. Submit new songs anytime. Check the website daily for rankings and new music.

*Top spots may be eligible for prizes. Past prizes have included recording studio deals, various gift cards, and honey mustard salad dressing.

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The MOP Top songs are the Pittsburgh songs that got the most votes this month.

The MOP Top artists are the Pittsburgh artists with songs that got the most combined votes this month.

Thanks for checking out the top songs and top artists. You can vote for songs on the big list to help get songs into the top songs and help get artists into the top artists.

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Introducing the MOP Top music charts, the definitive ranking of the top songs and top artists in Pittsburgh, PA. These charts are decided by voting, and are sponsored by local businesses who support the city’s vibrant music scene.

The MOP Top music charts are a great way to discover new and exciting artists in Pittsburgh. Whether you are a music lover or just looking for something new to listen to, the MOP Top charts are a great resource.

In addition to being a great way to discover new music, the MOP Top music charts also offer exciting opportunities for artists. The top-ranked artists on the chart are eligible for prizes, which can include gift certificates, recording deals, and other valuable items. This is a great incentive for artists to engage with their fans and encourage them to vote for their songs.

You can vote for your favorite songs and artists on the MOP Top music charts every 24-hours, so be sure to check back regularly to support your favorites. And if you are an artist, you can submit your own songs for consideration on the chart at any time.

So check out the MOP Top music charts, and discover the best of Pittsburgh’s music scene. Visit to cast your vote and support your favorite artists.

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