Promote MOPCON

Welcome to the MOPCON 21-day countdown and promo challenge. We have about 21-days left to promote our event, so the challenge is to post something to promote MOPCON every day for the next 21-days. Please use an app like Phonto or YouCut and a website like to find a free, public domain photo or video every day to create a simple promo post about the event. Post your promos anywhere online where you have an audience of any size and/or post to the MOPCON event on Facebook. Be creative. Be fun. Text your contacts to remind them about the event, and promote, promote, promote. Team promotion is our best chance for a great turnout. We are stronger together, and the more the mightier. Let’s try to give at least 10-minutes per day to promote this event; it will be well worth it and extremely satisfying to see a ton of people show up to appreciate music in our amazing city. Let’s show Pittsburgh and the world how much skill, talent, creativity, energy, and teamwork we have. Let the challenge begin. The challenge is to promote MOPCON every day using a photo or video with a particular object or theme. There will be prizes for the 5 best promoters. Prizes may include stickers, magnets, pens, and hugs from Jessica Bella.

Join the party at MOPCON, The Music of Pittsburgh Convention. It’s a great event! #music #convention #pittsburgh #bands #songwriters #speakers #contests #hiphop #livemusic #talent

  • 10/21 Salad
  • 10/22 Talking
  • 10/23 Umbrella
  • 10/24 Guitars
  • 10/25 Water
  • 10/26 Dancing
  • 10/27 Apples
  • 10/28 Boats
  • 10/29 Canyon
  • 10/30 Diamonds
  • 10/31 Elephants
  • 11/01 Friends
  • 11/02 Giants
  • 11/03 Horses
  • 11/04 Mountains
  • 11/05 Jars
  • 11/06 Kangaroos
  • 11/07 Lights
  • 11/08 Outer space
  • 11/09 Notebook
  • 11/10 Radio
  • 11/11 MOPCON Pre-party!!
  • 11/12 MOPCON!!

Please use the content below to promote the event.

Facebook event – MOPCON Pre-party plus Veterans Day Celebration with Jessica Bella Band and Wine & Spirit

Facebook event – MOPCON 2022 The Music of Pittsburgh Convention