Free Bio

For a limited time, we’ll be writing a few free Pittsburgh musician profiles at Simply send an email to with a list of at least 10 statements about your music journey, and we’ll compose them into a biography post on Make sure your email subject line is: Bio for my post on… Continue reading Free Bio

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Jim Skiff

Jim Skiff, born into a musical family, learned to play guitar during a recovery period after a head injury. He pursued music throughout his life, playing in various bands and ensembles, recording albums, and even forming his own theater company. Despite some setbacks, Jim persisted in his musical endeavors, eventually releasing albums independently and continuing… Continue reading Jim Skiff

Copyright and Media Usage

We are not attorneys; we are artists, but this is what we understand so far regarding copyright and media usage. Fair use: Fair use is a legal doctrine that allows the use of copyrighted material without obtaining permission from the owner. This doctrine is generally applied in cases where the use of the copyrighted material… Continue reading Copyright and Media Usage

Album Release Plan

Releasing an album with some hype and a single or two released in advance can help generate interest and excitement for your music. Here’s a simple plan you can follow: Choose a release date: Choose a date to release your album that gives you enough time to promote it, but not so far in the… Continue reading Album Release Plan