MOPCON Participant FAQ

How early should we show up prior to our set?

  • You are welcome at The Forge anytime and highly encouraged to visit the venue (during open hours) at least once before the event to scout the stage, sound, and general area. As for the day of the event, you should arrive as early as you can and stay as late as possible to enjoy the other content and enjoy the networking opportunities. If your schedule is tight that day, then 1-2 hours before your set should be okay, but it’s preferred to be present at the event as much as possible.

What do we need to bring?

  • The Forge has house drums, house guitars, house piano and keyboard, plus an excellent sound system and lighting. You should bring your own breakables and your own instruments and guitar amps. Again, you should come to The Forge early (sometime in September or October) to scout, so you can see what we have and decide what else you want to bring.

How will load-in be handled?

  • The standard load-in has always been done via the main entrance to The Forge, and instruments are stored in the main hallway or on the stage. There is another side door with a small room that is also available.

How much time will the bands have to set up before their set?

  • We are currently scheduling bands for 1-hour spots. This 1-hour includes setup and teardown and assumes a maximum of 15-minutes for setup and a maximum of 15-minutes for teardown.

Will there be an opportunity to do a soundcheck prior to MOPCON?

  • There will be tons of opportunities to visit The Forge to scout the venue and the area and to test the equipment. A great time to visit is Saturday afternoons around 2/3 PM. Please let us know a day or two in advance when you are planning to come.

Do we get a guest ticket?

  • We have tons of opportunities for people to participate before and during the event. To attend MOPCON, you must participate somehow or buy a ticket.

Any other benefits we’ll get from playing this gig?

  • MOPCON is an incredible networking opportunity and an awesome opportunity to celebrate Pittsburgh music. We’ll have photography and videography at the event. Whatever money we bring in through ticket sales will be shared with participants. Everyone will get a slice of the pie.

What is the parking situation?

  • There is abundant street parking with old-fashioned meters that no one ever pays, but I think technically it’s 1-hour per quarter. There are also nearby parking lots, so lots of free or cheap parking nearby.