Song Roast

Are you a music lover? Do you want to help musicians improve their music? Here is your chance to make a difference. We are looking for music enthusiasts to review songs for musicians who need helpful feedback. Critiquing songs is an important part of the music industry and can give musicians a much needed boost of confidence or steer them in the right direction with their music. It also helps them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to improve their skills. By providing honest and constructive feedback, you can help musicians develop their music and reach a wider audience. Your feedback can also make a real difference to the music industry and help to promote more quality music. So if you are passionate about music and want to help out some musicians, why not give it a go and review some songs? You never know, you might develop the next big star. Learn more at

Visit if you want to roast some songs.

Is your song not the huge hit you thought it would be?

Maybe it’s gold!

Maybe it’s garbage!

Let Song Roast tell you the truth about your song.

Song Roast is a program that allows users to submit a song they have written and recorded to get it roasted.

Submissions must include a streaming link of the song to be embedded in a post on our website. Users must agree to have some or all of their music featured in a review video that may be posted online.

The Song Roast program is designed to provide honest and constructive feedback to songwriters. Each submission is posted to our website, and visitors can comment their anonymous thoughts about the song. Constructive criticism is welcome, and bully comments are discouraged.

Song Roast is an excellent platform for any songwriter looking to get honest and helpful feedback on their work.