MOP Studios

Music Recording Studio – We are happy to provide our team with an excellent recording experience. Our studio is equipped with great acoustics and equipment. We have a high-quality, 8-channel audio interface with professional recording software, high-end microphones, and all four walls, ceiling, and floor fully insulated with acoustic panels plus an additional layer of thick insulation board underneath. We also provide studio drums. MOP Studios also features a cozy, colorful, and friendly atmosphere. We want our team to feel relaxed and at home. Our exceptional team of professional audio engineers is ready to ensure excellent quality. If you’re looking for a great recording experience, welcome to MOP Studios.

Dance Studio – Our dance studio is equipped with dance flooring. We have large wall-covering mirrors, so you can watch and perfect your moves. Come join us, and get ready to dance.

Film Studio – Our film studio features a green room for special effects, a black room for interviews, and plenty of equipment for production. We have studio lights, various microphones, tripods, and cameras, as well as acoustic panels to make sure that our recordings are clear. Our film studio is designed to help create high-quality videos.

The Creativity Chamber – An inspiring and engaging space for artistic planning meetings that sets the perfect tone for encouraging innovative ideas and fostering a collaborative and imaginative environment.