CAUTION: The Mic is Hot

I face a few challenges as a video recorder at live events. One such challenge is that it seems like at nearly every event, there is this moment when someone stands beside me and makes a rude, critical, or inappropriate comment that gets captured on the video. The comment could be about a performance that day or about a person in our community or attending the event, and it’s usually nothing too bad but still probably something that person doesn’t want captured on video. I don’t always remember when or what was said, but later when I’m reviewing my videos, I’ll sometimes find an unpleasant uttered comment, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I don’t have time to be constantly searching for and removing these little incidents from the videos, and I don’t know how I can prevent them. If I sense something unpleasant might be about to pop out of someone’s mouth, I will try to point to the camera before that happens, if possible, but usually you just don’t know what’s brewing around in another person’s brain and about to fly out of their mouth. So maybe the point of this message is to remind us all to be careful with thoughts and words, because with so much technology all around us, we never know when we are being recorded.