MOPCON 2022 Review

MOPCON, The Music of Pittsburgh Convention, held in Pittsburgh from 11/11/22 to 11/13/22, was a truly fulfilling experience. This event brought together music lovers from all over the city to celebrate the rich musical heritage of Pittsburgh.

The convention featured a wide variety of events and activities, including panel discussions with local musicians and industry experts, live music performances, workshops, and networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to learn about the history of Pittsburgh’s music scene and to discover new and exciting artists.

One of the highlights of MOPCON was the live music performances. Local bands and musicians took to the stage to showcase their talents, and the audience was treated to an incredible array of musical styles, from folk and blues to rock and hip hop, punk, bluegrass, EDM, and more.

In addition to the live music, MOPCON also offered attendees the opportunity to participate in workshops, where they could learn about topics such as songwriting, music production, and music marketing. These sessions were informative and engaging, and provided attendees with valuable insights and knowledge.

Overall, MOPCON was a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It was a celebration of Pittsburgh’s vibrant music scene, and a chance for music lovers to come together and enjoy an incredible array of musical talent.