How to Earn Enough Money to Pay Your Bills as a Musician with Original Music

  1. Start by building a fan base. Use social media and other digital marketing strategies to promote your music and build an audience.
  2. Perform live. Get out and play shows at local venues, bars, and house concerts.
  3. Sell digital downloads. Sell your music on websites like iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.
  4. Sell physical copies. Sell CDs and vinyl records at shows and through online retailers.
  5. License your music. Reach out to film, television, and video game production companies to license your songs.
  6. Tour. Go on the road and bring your music to multiple cities or regions.
  7. Sell merchandise. Sell branded t-shirts, hats, and other items at shows and online.
  8. Teach music lessons. Offer local music lessons to students and share your knowledge.
  9. Get sponsored. Find sponsorships or endorsements from companies related to music and entertainment.
  10. Use crowdfunding. Utilize multiple crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for your next project.