10 Tips for Getting a Gig at a Music Venue

  1. Get to know the venue’s booking agent. Contact the agent and introduce yourself, and establish a relationship.
  2. Find out what kind of bands the venue books, and tailor your act to match.
  3. Send a professional press kit to the booking agent that includes a demo, photos, and a bio.
  4. Attend shows at the venue, and introduce yourself to the staff.
  5. Make sure your music is strong and you are confident in your performance.
  6. Have an online presence, and use social media to promote your act.
  7. Use your network to get in touch with bands that have already played the venue.
  8. Showcase your act by playing open mic nights or other local shows.
  9. Always be professional and reliable.
  10. Be persistent and don’t give up. You may have to wait months before getting a booking.